Electric Skateboard Reviews

Since it’s invention in the late 1940s, skateboarding has just gone from strength to strength. Today it’s a major international sport, with big names pulling the same sorts of crowds we’d expect of more traditional professional sports or competitive games.

Longboarding has become quite popular in recent years. Although trick boarding such as in the X-Games grabs all of the mainstream attention, longboarding also has a vibrant community that partakes in exciting activities like downhill racing (super scary) or longboard dancing.

Longboards usually start at 36 inches in length and have much larger wheels and trucks. They can also take heavier riders than trick boards, and in general are easier for newcomers to get going.

This extra real-estate and strength has made the longboard a perfect candidate for the electric treatment. Now you have a wide range of electric skateboards to choose from. I’ve highlighted some of the popular ones here and put my top picks first so you can see what I think are the best models.

Numero Uno:The Airwheel M3

Airwheel has developed an amazing reputation for itself over the last few years and now represents a proven brand with plenty of experience building electric vehicles. The M3 showcases this commitment; I just love this board and this is where my money would go every time. It’s not even the most expensive electric board out there, but it does everything well, even if it may not do certain things best.

The M3 can take a rider of up to 220 pounds, it will cover 12.5 miles at best and hit 12.5 miles per hour, although this depends on rider weight and how many inclines you tackle. The battery is a Sony number, so you know it’s top quality. It only takes two hours for a full charge, so you can top it up at school or at work easily. Heck, even at a coffee shop.

The M3 has two independent control chips and circuits to make sure nothing goes wrong. You control it via remote control. There’s also a Bluetooth smart app to further enhance the experience. The drive is reversible as well so you can back the board up, although the deck itself is not bi-directional.

Notably, the M3 does not use standard plastic longboard wheels, but comes with 4.5-inch, all-terrain rubber wheels.

The build-quality is what I’ve come to expect of Airwheel. Every buyer story I see makes mention of how well-made the M3 is. It’s mind-blowing that such an all-rounder electric longboard comes in at under $700. If you’re lucky and can time it right, you can even pick them up for under $500. Consider that a decent traditional longboard can cost $300 easily, and the great price positioning of the M3 becomes apparent. This is without a doubt my top pick.

Airwheel M3

Airwheel M3

The Ultimate Board: The Evolve Carbon

The Evolve Carbon is the Concorde of electric longboards: over-engineered, overpriced, and I would give almost anything for a ride on one.

This board has been designed to switch from all-terrain wheels to street wheels in just a few minutes. So in one way you can think of it not as buying one $2000 electric longboard, but as buying two very good $1000 longboards.

It’s top speed is an insane 24 miles per hour with an all-terrain range of 16 miles and a street range of 25 miles. Just. Wow.

You can also get a fast charger as an optional extra, which reduces the charge time from five hours to less than two. Although, with the range on this thing commuting should not require a recharge at your destination.

There is literally nothing I can think of to critique this board on, other than the price. If you can afford it then get it over the M3, but this is not a product for us mere mortals.

Evolve Carbon

Evolve Carbon

The Supercar Choice: The Boosted Range

I’ve lumped these three boards from Boosted together since, apart from power rating, they are pretty much the same.

One other key difference is that the 2000W and 1500W boards have dual drives, while the 1000W only has one set of drive wheels. This makes a big difference in terms of traction and hill-climbing ability.

Now, with my Average Joe or Jane hat on, the Airwheel M3 will always be my top pick. But if you want the most advanced, high-performance boards and the price doesn’t bother you, then these boards from Boosted are worth your time and money.

The biggest issue is really the range on these boards – the 2000W and 1500W models max out at 7 miles. The 1000W board barely improves on this with 8 miles, using the eco mode.

But . . . these are some crazy fun miles to ride. The power and acceleration on the higher-end boards is insane. The charging time is also very short at 60 minutes. So if your destination is within the range you can quickly charge back up again. The brakes are also regenerative, so you can mitigate some of the range loss when going downhill. These board will hit 22, 20 and 18 miles per hour respectively. Fast, fast, fast.

These have bamboo decks as well, which (along with maple) is one of the best materials for a longboard. Flexible and strong. These boards should take someone who weighs as much as 300 pounds, although Boosted doesn’t post official figures. Unofficially, I’ve seen videos of people driving pickup trucks over bamboo boards without breaking them. Do with that information what you will.

The Boosted boards are pricey, but so is a Porsche. I think they are worth every penny as long as you know what you want from your board.

Boosted 2000

Boosted Range 2000

The Other Speed Demon: The Evolve Bamboo Electric Skateboard

In terms of performance the Evolve gives the Boosted 2000W a serious run for its money. Evolve claims a 23 miles per hour top speed with a 185-pound rider. The speed difference is negligible though. The real differentiator is the 19-mile quoted range for a rider of that same weight. That’s way more than the 7-mile range of the Boosted. On top of that, the Evolve is nearly $500 cheaper than the Boosted flagship board.

What does bother me a bit is the low ground clearance of 0.5 inches. This board uses a drop-through deck as well. On the one hand this will give you sportscar handling, on the other hand, a small twig may send you flying. Performance is further enhanced with the kegel wheels and W-shaped deck. A beginner’s board this is not.

It’s a hard choice, but I think Evolve actually has Boosted beaten in comparing the 2000W board. It’s faster, cheaper, has regenerative braking, and more concessions to high-speed performance.

On the other hand, the Boosted boards have beginner modes and are more accessible overall.

If you are already a longboard expert I’d say go with the Evolve, but if you want to work your way up, the board from Boosted will make you just as happy.

Evolve Bamboo

Evolve Bamboo Skateboard

The “Overcompensating for Something” Choice: Maverix USA Border X

If a monster truck designer decided to make a skateboard, this would be it. The Border X takes the idea of “all-terrain” and just runs with it.

At just under a grand the X is not a bad deal considering what you’re getting. This board is meant for the beach or the woods. Sand, gravel, dirt – it goes where other boards fear to tread.

One issue I have is the use of a three-speed remote rather than a variable one. So there’s no fine control of speed. Although this can be a plus over bumpy terrain, since a constant cruise-controlled speed will let you concentrate on navigating the turf. The braking uses ABS technology (anti-lock braking) which is also great for offroading, but you lose the advantage of regenerative braking.

Maverix claims a 19 miles per hour top speed, which is good, but I doubt you could (or should) get that offroad. The quoted range is actually pretty good for a board of this weight and girth, quoted at 7-9 miles.

Overall I can only describe the Maverix Border X as “kickass” and if you want to travel over basically anything, this is almost the only game in town.


Maverix USA Border X

The Yuneec YUNECGOCR001 E-Go Cruiser

The Yuneec E-Go Cruiser (Unique Ego Cruiser?!) presents a fairly standard downhill-style longboard deck with road wheels. It’s got a pretty good range at 18 miles (claimed). One of the most interesting features is that the E-Go has a patented flexible battery pack, which ostensibly allows for more deck flex and therefore better carving. In practice, I have no idea if you’ll notice, but if deep carving is what you want to do then that may be one factor to consider.

The remote is wireless, but there’s no mention of smart app functionality. All in all the E-Go doesn’t seem like anything special, but it’s priced pretty well at about $600. There are a few troubling user reviews though, particularly about a leaky battery. Overall most people are very satisfied with the E-Go, so I don’t think that’s a major worry.


Yuneec E-Go Cruiser

Dynacraft Surge Electric Skateboard

Make no mistake, the Dynacraft Surge is a toy-grade product. I’ve decided to include it here because it has a maximum weight capacity of 145 pounds, which does make it rideable by some adults. But this is not intended to be a serious commuter. At less than $200 the Surge is almost an impulse buy. It’s remote-controlled, will hit at most 6 miles per hour, and has a maximum range of 4 miles. For what it is, it’s a fun toy. If you’re light enough and just want to have a bit of fun there’s nothing wrong with giving the Surge a go.


Dynacraft Surge

The LUOOV Street Devil

A $600 dollar, 20 mph, 18 mile range, 1200W downhill Canadian Maple longboard with regenerative braking? Yes, please!

Except, if you look at the customer complaints you’ll notice that the build quality has suffered and there’s even a report of a battery fire. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Avoid.


LUOOV Street Devil

Hang Ten

E-bikes are super-practical, hoverboards are weird and popular, but nothing beats the feeling of road surfing with a longboard, electric or otherwise. Electric skateboards are in fact one of the easiest electric vehicles to get the hang of, and since you don’t need to kick in order to use them they are actually easier to learn than regular longboards.

Have a look at my buyer’s guide to figure out what you should be looking at when buying an electric skateboard.

So get out there and gleam that cube!