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I’d like to personally welcome you to the Electric Rider – a site I’ve dedicated to all the different ways you can use battery power to haul your body around town. On this site there’s no gas, no diesel, no internal combustion, and no smoke and fumes. I like it clean and electrical. No substitutes.

If you’re here it probably means that you’ve decided to join the revolution in personal mobility. Sick of traffic and sick of dealing with car-related problems, you’re looking for the next big thing. Luckily on my site you’ll find several big things that are not “next”, but very much “now”.

I’ve loved Sci-Fi my whole life and I’ve always dreamed we’d have cool transportation like in The Jetsons or Back to the Future. Now, although we don’t have hoverboards that actually hover, there are so many cool ways to get around that I’m beyond excited. That’s why I created this site – to get people informed about the great world of electric personal transports. I want the sidewalks of the world to be buzzing with electric vehicles. Hey, we can save the planet AND have fun.

I’ve broken the different types of vehicle you can choose from into different categories which I’ll explain below. Be sure to check them all out. There are reviews, informational articles and a buyer’s guide for each type of personal electric transport. So come and join me in kicking gas to the curb and embracing the age of the electron.

I’m passionate about electric vehicles in general and their long history so I hope this site can bring more potential fans of this modern transport technology to the party.

electric bikes


Electric bicycles are a great choice for those living in the great cities of the world where cycling has become a part of everyday life.



These quirky little self-balancing scooters took the world by storm after celebrities with big followings took notice of them.

electric skateboards


The skateboard is a true classic when it comes to alternate transport options. Now they’ve added POWER to that mix. Check out my reviews.



Electric unicycles have plenty of things to like about them. They have the versatile, all-terrain inclinations of a Segway or e-bike.


This is hands down the most hyped and mainstream category of vehicle in the world right now. These quirky little self-balancing scooters took the world by storm after celebrities with big followings took notice of them. So if you’ve found my site because of a certain someone you follow on Instagram, then you are in luck. I’ll give you the skinny, the 411, and the lo-down, my friend.

I’ve reviewed several models of which I’ll give my top picks below, but I’ve also provided a buyer’s guide if you want to do the legwork yourself.

If you want to learn how to ride your hoverboard I have an article for that. If you want to see how NOT to ride your hoverboard . . . hey, I got you covered too.

If you’ve ever wondered how hoverboards work, I’ve put together a little explainer and if you’re worried about all the exploding batteries maybe you should read “What’s the Deal with Lithium Batteries” first. My top picks highlight what I think the best scooters out there are at the moment. I’ve looked at several criteria and tried to pick not only the ones I like, but also those I think would fit with the needs of most riders.


Hoverboards have finally come of age. While the first generation of self-balancing wheeled-wonders were amazing toys, most were never anything more than that. On top of this, these devices became notorious for lacking proper electrical safety and were eventually banned or recalled.

Now the hoverboards are back and they are better than ever. Gone are the days of sudden electrical fires, lack of local support and iffy build-quality. OK, maybe it’s not completely gone, but the top picks I’ve laid out here are the best examples of the technology you can buy today.

I’ve picked the hoverboards from the available lineup that I think represent the best choices for various types of user. From casual dabblers to serious electric riders – there’s something for everyone here.

Best for Kids: TOMOLOO Hoverboard

While hoverboard acceptance among adults is no longer limited to the odd hipster, fact is that the average self-balancer is still under 18 years of age.

TOMOLOO may not have intentionally built their hoverboard for kids, but with fancy LED lights, bluetooth speakers and a smart app which can help configure the hoverboard, it will appeal most to the young generation. Add to that high scores for an important aspect from adult perspective – safety – and we have a winner hoverboard for kids.

You can ride this hoverboard at 10 miles per hour, which is quite fast, and the UL2271 certified batteries will guarantee hours of fun. Ride characteristics such as balancing, acceleration and cornering are more than excellent and probably contribute even more to the fun factor than its speed. The TOMOLOO is not suitable for off-road tracks, but it’s stable to ride and easy to control so it won’t have any problems with a slightly more challenging course.


TOMOLOO Hoverboard

The Best All-Rounder: Swagtron T6

The Swagway X1 is without a doubt one of the best early hoverboards that you could buy. Like all the others it was also recalled, although Swagtron did it of their own accord. The X1 is still on sale and is completely certified now, but the new line from Swagtron make buying a new X1 now something that I would not recommend.

Instead the new T-series is where it’s at. Specifically, this T6 model. The Swagtron T6 is without a doubt in my mind, the first hoverboard anyone should look at when thinking about buying one. This is in the middle of the price range and slightly above the middle in the specification range, but the bar has been raised for the whole market. Today’s average is yesterday’s high-end.

If you want a safe, reliable and affordable hoverboard with a hot new body that can also be used off-road, this is all you’ll need.

swagtron t6

Swagtron T6

Best for Beginners: OXA Hoverboard

If you don’t already know how difficult it can be to ride a hoverboard, I suggest you have a look at some of the videos on my page How NOT to ride your Hoverboard.

So if you ‘re buying your first hoverboard but don’t want any accidents like that to happen to you, then this is the board for you. OXA has created an intelligent control system that monitors your position and weight distribution so it can level more quickly, and unlike many marketing claims that prove false, this system actually works. Users of all ages rave about how easy it is to get started, and the 30 second startup promise that OXA makes is no exaggeration.

This UL 2272 Certified hoverboard from OXA may not be the fastest hoverboard around, but it certainly is the easiest one to ride.

oxa hoverboard

OXA Hoverboard

The Best “Go Anywhere” Hoverboard: EPIKGO

If you are big and heavy, finding a hoverboard that will accommodate you is a real chore. Most boards these days will only go up to 220 pounds if you are lucky. The Epikgo is rated for a much as 265 pounds. It’s got big wheels and even bigger footpads. Increased ride height over the competition and permission from Epikgo to brave mud, sand and small obstacles.

400W of power from dual motors and the ability to climb eighteen-degree inclines mean that this hoverboard really will let you epically go just about anywhere you want to.

Read the full review here.


EPIKGO Hoverboard

Most Value for Money: The Swagtron T1

While the T3 is the best of the new, why should we throw away the best of the old? What Swagtron has basically done is take their old X1 and upgrade it just enough to define the standard for a new entry level. It doesn’t have the new sporty body of its bigger siblings, but it has the newer, smarter and stronger guts.

When budgets are limited, the best compromises are the ones that aren’t really compromises. Make no mistake, this is a great hoverboard despite the low price.

Read the full review here.


Swagtron T1

For quality alternative hoverboards my two best picks are the Airwheel S6 and the Ninebot Mini. These may not be traditional hoverboards, but they’ll give you the same thrill with better-quality construction and functionality all around. Yes, I know the S6 has a seat, but if the scooter is hands-free then I think it should be classed with other hoverboards. This one just gives you the option of sitting or standing. Sitting is better for long trips, take my advice on that one.

Ninebot IS now Segway, but products with the Ninebot brand are not quite as pricey. You really can’t go wrong with a Ninebot – they are top tier in my book.

Airwheel 1

Airwheel S6

Ninebot One E 1

Ninebot Mini

Segway Style Balancing Scooters

The Segway is probably the most famous and possibly first self-balancing two-wheeled scooter. Many people think of Segway first when considering alternate transport options.

If you don’t know the story of the Segway, check out my piece “The Segway Story” to learn about the pioneer of personal electric vehicles as we know them today.

What’s the difference between a hoverboard and a Segway? Bigger wheels, more power, and the use of a handle are the main distinguishing features. Segway-type scooters are more versatile, but not nearly as compact as hoverboards. Original Segways are, however, priced so high they make hoverboard prices look like chump-change. Luckily there’s a thriving market of good-quality clones to choose from.

If you’ve come looking for something like a Segway that isn’t priced like a brand-name Segway scooter then you’d best check out my collection of Segway clone reviews. I also have a buyer’s guide for the more adventurous.

I know hoverboards have the cool factor down pat at the moment, but these Segway-type scooters are very practical, and some can even carry a bit of luggage. Some people think they’re a bit dorky, but nothing is as dorky as carrying your hoverboard everywhere since it will only go on perfectly smooth surfaces.

Electrical Unicycles

Electric unicycles have plenty of things to like about them. They have the versatile, all-terrain inclinations of a Segway or e-bike, but are nearly as compact as a hoverboard. They have good range, are easy to maintain, and are not the most expensive vehicles you’ll find on my page.

These eccentric one-wheelers sure are awesome, but require quite a bit of skill to use. I’ve put together a little guide on how to ride them and also made a short buyer’s guide.

I’ve also listed some of the best electric unicycles you can buy today, so that’s a good place to start your shopping.

These unicycles really are amazing; to see exactly how amazing they are, check out my “Sick Electric Unicycle Stunts” page for some gnarly one-wheeled action. You won’t believe where people ride these things. Come rain, sleet, mud, or snow, some crazy (usually Scandinavian) dude is ready to try riding a unicycle over it.

Electric Scooters

Ah, the good old Razor-style kick scooter. Now with more batteries and a much lower price tag than other electric vehicles. Check out my buyer’s guide for the skinny on these low-cost hooligan machines. My best picks are on the scooter review page and include a few more types besides the Razors. So what are you waiting for – a bus?

There are a bunch of moped-type scooters that I’ve also lumped in with the Razor kick scooters, as well as the beefy adult-oriented riffs on the kick scooter design. You can get all the details in the buyer’s guide.

Electrical Bicycles

E-bikes are some of the most expensive, but also the most practical, electric vehicles you can buy today. It’s important to check out my buyer’s guide for these guys, as there are quite a few pitfalls to look out for when buying an e-bike. Since these bikes can be so expensive, it’s doubly important you decide carefully before committing any money.

There’s a lot of legal confusion about e-bikes as well, so I’ve also written a short piece on e-bike law that should be helpful on that score.

My personal reviews and top picks are available here; once you know what you are looking for these should prove useful in making a decision.

Electric bicycles are a great choice for those living in the great cities of the world where cycling has already become a part of life. You already have infrastructure, like bike paths and public lock-ups, you can use straight away. As long as you are on the right side of the law there’s a lot to love about the e-bike lifestyle. Especially the lack of sweatiness.

Electric Skateboards

The skateboard is a true classic when it comes to alternate transport options. Now they’ve added POWER to that mix. I have two things you need in order to start shredding: a buyer’s guide and a set of reviews.

If you have no idea how to ride one of these, check out my guide which caters to both newbies and existing non-electric skateboarders.

Longboards are becoming very fashionable these days, so you certainly won’t look out of place riding a beautiful wood and metal board on the streets of your urban domain. Of all the electric vehicles you can buy, this is probably the closest to an inherently cool form of transport. No one has ever said “Hey look at how lame that skateboarder looks”, and if they have, I don’t care.

Helmets and Pads

Last, but most definitely not least – helmets and pads. Keep your pieces where they belong or face the possibility of eating through a straw until the end of your days. My buyer’s guide will tell what to look for in a helmet and pads, while my review page will get you started when looking for an appropriate head protector.

Helmets are not an optional extra, so make sure you include them in your budgeting. Get the right size and quality helmet for the intended use you have in mind. Remember – if you have a $10 head, wear a $10 helmet.

The Times are A’ Changin

Now is the perfect time to ditch that car and get plugged in and rolling over the landscape. Nothing beats the torque and acceleration of an electric motor. There’s very little maintenance, electricity is way cheaper than gas, and you don’t have to get stuck in traffic. These gadgets are perfect to get to and from public transport, and many of them can be used inside buildings if some boring person hasn’t made a rule against it.

They also represent a way for people with mobility problems to get some of their freedom back. It’s always awesome when something meant for the rest of us can also benefit people with physical disabilities as well.

The technology is getting better all the time, too. There’s new battery technology on the horizon, materials are getting lighter and stronger, and computer chips are getting so good that your scooter might even outthink you one day or transport you where you want to go without your having to drive.

Our future may not exactly look like an episode of The Jetsons, but it’s still way cooler than I could imagine when I was a kid. We’ve all become so stuck on our smartphones and video games that it’s great to see new tech that gets us outside and smelling the flowers again.

So read my site, do your homework, and get that credit card out. It’s time to join the club and become an Electric Rider.

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