Don’t Try These Unicycle Stunts At Home!

I’m very serious about safety. I do a bit of longboarding and as much as possible I try to helmet up and pad up and not go beyond my current abilities. So please don’t try the things in the videos you’ll see in this article – unless you really, really know what you’re doing.

Decisions, Decisions

Hoverboards are getting all the attention at the moment, but as cool as they are there isn’t really all that much you can do on a hoverboard that’s very interesting.

Electric unicycles, on the other hand, have been pushed to some pretty scary extremes. They’re quite a bit harder to learn than hoverboards, but with the higher difficulty level comes a wider variety of possibilities. If you feel like living a little more on the edge then maybe you’re better off going with an electric unicycle instead.

To show you what I mean, try googling for “hoverboard tricks” and you’ll find those videos are mostly named for irony. There are no hoverboard tricks.

Google for “electric unicycle tricks” though, and you get stuff like this.

Double Trouble

Fold up one pedal each on two electric unicycles and you have possibly the world’s most dangerous wheelies. You know, those annoying shoes with the wheels in the heel?

Anyway, this certifiably insane person thought it was a good idea and I’m in no position to say that it doesn’t work. I mean, look at him go.

Even when he’s on only one unicycle he has no time to use both feet. Stairs? No problem. Pedals? Optional. Time? Way too much of it on their hands.

Walking The Unicycle

It turns out everyone is mounting their unicycles in the wrong way. You should let them go off on their own, run to catch up to them, and then just hop on. Then you go walk your dog while still riding. I hope Fluffy can keep up.

Seriously though, it’s amazing how well-balanced that unicycle is.

Even Stevens

Little Master Stevens here sure does ride in the weirdest places. His balance is probably aided by the pendular set of brass clankers he was born with. One thing I have to wonder is how he gets ON half the stuff he’s riding on. Surely it requires at least two other people to get the unicycle and the rider in position? Anyway, it goes to show that one wheel can get to places two wheels never could.

Roads? Where We’re Going We Don’t Need Roads

OK, I know it’s not exactly a trick or a stunt, but holy crap. This is like the speeder bikes on Endor (Star Wars fans will get this). Look how fast he’s going. I seriously hope there are kneepads under those jeans. The video description says: “This trail is quite hard and only advised for experienced riders.”

I believe him.

Dirt Devil

Forget BMX or Motocross, unicross could be the next thing to get a Red Bull sponsorship for the X-games. You heard it here first folks. This is a unicycle with an 18-inch wheel, which is probably essential for the soft dirt he’s traversing here. As a bonus, if you check the comments, it turns out that the rider at one point hit a tree while on his unicycle, passed out, and woke up in a ditch. Woke up with a clavicle broken in several places and which is now held together with plates. Remember the bit about not trying this at home?

Hang on though, if you thought that was crazy you may think he needs to be committed after seeing this.

Apparently unimpressed with loose dirt, this extreme rider takes on ice. Who knows, maybe there just isn’t much to do in Norway.

Wait, maybe you can mow the lawn.

“Electric Unicycle Extreme” indeed.

The Flying Circus

Hey, why not rent out a track and field stadium for a day and bring all your unicycle friends. I bet that’s exactly what these people were thinking. There’s lots of crazy stuff going on in this video, but the unicycle transitioning that happens around 3:15 just takes the cake. It’s hard enough to mount one of these things from a stationary position, I can’t imagine how hard it must be to mount one IF YOU ARE ALREADY RIDING ONE.


Yeah, I’m not telling you to do this stuff or that it will make you cool if you do. So if you do break your clavicle I’m not taking any responsibility for it.