Swagtron T3 Review

Swagtron are pioneers of the Hoverboard market. The original Swagway X1 was one of the few products that I would recommend without concern just a year or so ago. Swagtron hoverboards have always been decently priced for the level of quality and performance you get. Yes, you could go cheaper, but I preferred to think of the X1 as the lowest you should go if at all possible. Still, even Swagway didn’t have UL certification or the other safety paperwork we now expect. Yes, they didn’t actually have any fires or other issues, but things had to be made official.

Current Swagway X1s have been upgraded and certified of course, but Swagtron have not just stopped there and called it a day. Instead they have brought out an entirely new range of hoverboards that are better in almost every way. So much so that these boards carry the company’s own name.


This new Swagtron T3 is the mid-range example from the new series. It’s design (and that of higher models) is the most obviously different from the Swagway. There is a T1 model, which has a lot of the new technology on the inside, but still looks like yesteryear’s hoverboard.

The T3 looks good – there’s no other way to say it. At first glance you may not immediately realize this is different to typical hoverboards, but the shell is all-new and filled with interesting and cool curves and shapes. It also comes in a bunch of colors, all of which go with the new body design to varying degrees of success. Personally I like the red model, but at least you are spoilt for choice.

Sticker Price

The T3 model is liberally covered with branding stickers and authenticity marks. Swagtron is not holding back with its company image. You’ll also notice that the T3 has larger, more stable footpads than the smaller Swagway, which should help improve the ride experience.

There’s another subtle, but quite important change. In the Swagway the hoverboard only consisted of two halves, but now the Swagtron actually consists of three pieces, with a non-rotating center hub which both halves connect to. This makes the whole assembly stronger and more stable.

Ranger Rick

The range on the Swagtron is a (now typical) 12-ish miles and it can take riders up to 220lbs in weight. This is despite the upgraded 300W motor. These are numbers that we’ve seen time and time again from various manufacturers, so they are not particularly impressive by themselves. On the other hand, do we really want more speed? Maybe not, but if no real improvements have been made to the overall performance, what else are we paying for?

Extra Time

Swagtron have heaped on some features, some are practical and some less so. I can really appreciate the carry handle, since that means you don’t have to cart around a special bag all the time. That being said, the handle is a little small and I would not recommend using it for long stretches of time. Still, it is a nice touch.

There are built-in BlueTooth speakers, which is great if you care about that sort of thing. It’s pretty cool when you go to a part of something with friends and want to get a little atmosphere going, but it also means we have to deal with people who think rolling down the street blaring their obnoxious music is a great way to impress the opposite sex. So I can’t fault the feature itself, but please use it responsibly

Owing to the overall negative sentiment that has developed to some other brands of hoverboard thanks to their dodgy battery designs, Swagtron have forefronted their “Battery Sentry” technology which has multiple levels of safety prevent a replay of those awful battery fires we saw on some other (non-Swagtron) hoverboards. Of course, no matter what safety systems they create, all lithium battery devices can go wrong, it’s just not very likely.

There’s also a nice safe stop feature which means that when the batteries are empty the hoverboard won’t throw you off like some early models. You should just gracefully roll to a stop.

Apps Up In Here

It’s not just a BlueTooth speaker connection that gives this board some digital chops. Swagtron also have a phone app with a few cool features. There’s quite a lot of useful log information about your rides, but the best function is a one-tap switch to go from normal to “learning” mode and back. Too many hoverboards are bad at communicating of they are in a safe learning mode or full-on high speed mode.

Popular Opinion

Overall, the Swagtron T3 is a solid mid-range choice that addresses many of the problems first-generation hoverboards had. Just a year or two out from the initial craze and I’d say we’ve already hit a good mainstream standard with these vehicles. If you want a safe, good quality choice with local US support and great safety features, look no further than the T3.

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