When Swagtron brought out the original Swagway X1 I was pretty much a fan of the device. The price was pretty reasonable for the time, sitting somewhere in the middle, while the performance and quality were pretty good.

The Swagway X1 therefore has a well-deserved reputation as being one of the first “premium” boards. Yes, like most of the other early hoverboards it didn’t have any certification of its electrical systems for US markets. Swagway issued a voluntary recall of the X1 and either replaced the batteries with new certified units or issued a store credit towards a new generation hoverboard.

You can still buy the X1 today and new ones are fully certified, with minor component upgrades, but Swagtron has not decided to simply let the Swagway carry it. They’ve designed a whole new “T” series including the T1, T2, and T5.

This is the T1, the entry-level model to the new series. Prices of hoverboards have come down across, er, the board. So this T1 costs considerably less than the X1 did at the time it launched. Don’t think that this means the T1 is a step down from the X1 though. They occupy the same relative niche, it’s just that the entire market has shifted downwards.

Nothing New

The T1 differs from the T3 and T5 not only in price and specifications, but in looks as well. While the higher-end models both have a radically new shell the T1 basically recycles the classic hoverboard design. You’d be hard-pressed to tell it apart from the X1 at a glance.

Color Of Magic

You can get the T1 in six different colors, some of which look quite nice. I’m not a fan of either the gold or pink myself, but I’m sure there are markets for both of these options.

Something New

The T1 is a more polished machine than the X1 without a doubt. Apart from the overhauled certified electrics, you also get LED headlights, a battery and two riding modes, to help new riders get the hang of it.

This also comes wit Swagtron’s Sentryshield technology, which provides multiple layers of protection against battery damage and malfunction. This means that you don’t have to worry about overcharging, overheating, short circuits, overvolting or any of the other things that plagued early hoverboards. This also brings these devices in line with modern consumer standards that we expect from our phones and laptops when it comes to lithium batteries.
There’s also the new safe stop system, which brings the hoverboard to a safe stop of you ride it to depletion. Older hoverboards would summarily chuck you off when the battery finally ran out of juice, which meant you never had the bravery to run them dry.


The motor is now also stronger,sporting 250W of power. Riders can be up to 220 pounds in weight. The T1 will hit eight miles per hour and carry you for an estimated twelve miles.

My Sacrifice

If you do go with the T1 model versus the T3, what are you giving up? For one thing, you don’t get the Bluetooth speakers. Not a great loss in my view, but many people do want this.

You also don’t get the built-in carry strap or use of the Swagtron app. Other than that and the outright wattage of the motors, you aren’t missing anything.

Yes, I really like the new sports body that the T3 and T5 have, but if money was tight I could give up that purely aesthetic feature.

Overall I still think the T3 is the most well-rounded choice not just in the Swagtron range, but among all hoverboards. Still, if you can only stretch to the T1 you are giving up very little for an almost $200 saving.

Feedback Loop

Overall T1 owners have little to complain about. This is a quality unit that for most people gives no issues. One thing that does worry me are a small number of complaints about the aftermarket service for units that are in fact defective. No matter what, there will always be defective products, but how well a company deals with those units is what matters.

There aren’t many complaints like these, but it is curious that I don’t see them for other models in the range.

That aside, I think that this is a strong contender at the entry level and the T1 is about as low as you should go before we hit the junk offerings. Not that you could easily find them, since most of the truly terrible hoverboards have not been banned. The T1 is not one of these and if you were on the fence about the old X1 before, you should now pull the trigger without hesitation.

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