Spaceboard Hoverboard Review

Not too long ago I had a look at the Skque eight-inch hoverboard. I loved the look of the thing, which had more in common with a Aventador than the rotund design used by products that clone the Chic Robotics Smart S1. It was a great look in my view, but I couldn’t in good conscience recommend that anyone actually buy that board due to worrying reports from people who had bought it.

When I saw the Spaceboard from SpaceboardUSA I had a distinct feeling of deja vu. It’s not exactly the same, but the angular shell and LED running lights on the wheel arches are more than a little reminiscent of the Skque. I guess this means that there’s another type of clone running around.

Good Vibrations

Unlike the Skque however, the Spaceboard is getting good reviews. So from the get-go that paints a better picture.

Although not quite the same, I really do like the angular sportscar-vented look of the Spaceboard. Most interestingly, for a bit of a price premium you can get your Spaceboard in a range of cool metallic paint jobs. I’m personally partial to chrome devices and Spaceboard does not disappoint. I have to admit to basically picking out the mirror chrome finish before even knowing if the board was any good. It turns out I like shiny things, so sue me.

I also like the LED lights over the wheel arches, although I can’t find any indication that they change color as the Skque’s lights are purported to.

Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers

One of the biggest complaints about hoverboards I see all the time is how quickly and easily they attract scratches and damage. Spaceboard has ingeniously put rubber bumpers underneath, which I think is perfect given that you are in part paying for a pretty fancy paint job. It also helps that the board has eight-inch wheels, giving more ground clearance.

In addition to that, the asking price includes a carry bag. Spaceboard has done its homework, I must admit.

Disco Queen

The Spaceboard comes equipped with Bluetooth speakers, so you can be the most annoying person on wheels. Honestly, I have no idea why you would want this while on the go, but it would work well as an impromptu boombox – just don’t leave yourself without enough juice to get home.

Safety Dancer

The Spaceboard comes with an LG battery and safety certification. It takes between one and two hours to fully charge and it’s equipped with overcharge protection. It also seems as if there’s automatic overspeed protection as well, which is good because this is a fast one.

Speed Racer

The Spaceboard is rated to hit 16 miles per hour. According to those who have bought it, it is plenty fast, and at that speed it’s certainly one of the fastest products I’ve seen. This isn’t automatically a good thing. I’d recommend children not be given anything that goes over six miles per hour. Also, running at that speed will surely kill the range in short order; the range is 10 to 12 miles, by the way.

Apart from the $1500 PhunkeeDuck, the Spaceboard has the highest weight-capacity I’ve seen, at 275 lbs. Bigger “kids” may therefore also apply. Some marketing materials suggest the limit is 325lbs, so I’m not sure which is correct. Going with the lower limit is probably a better bet.

USA? Well, Maybe

The Spaceboard is shipped from Atlanta, according to the company homepage, and there’s a 1-800 number to boot, but the company responses on Amazon are clearly not from native English speakers. The board apparently comes with no warranty, but you can purchase one for about $50 extra, which is not crazy given how much it costs.


So, would I buy this? The Spaceboard is priced to compete with the likes of the IO Hawk and PhunkeeDuck – premium names in the market. It’s cheaper than both and, in my opinion, far better on paper. People who have bought it seem to love it and the company has a local presence.

Overall I like it and if I were going to spend a thousand dollars or more on a hoverboard this is probably the one I’d be looking at the hardest. It’s a real monster.

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