Sharper Image Sogo Review

It must be a little weird for Sharper Image to bring out a hoverboard in the current market, since Razor actually holds the patent to produce them at the moment. It’s weird because Razor was distributed by Sharper Image back in the day when the first Razor kick scooter craze started. That spun off into its own company known today as RazorUSA, which makes a competing product known as the Hovertrax.

So Go?

The Sogo looks pretty much like any other hoverboard clone based on the Chic Robotics’s S1 model. You can get the Sogo in black or white. I’ve spotted different wheel hub decals, but they’ve also been cribbed from other clones. Basically what I’m saying is that there’s nothing to see here folks. Apart from new stickers, Sharper Image has done nothing to differentiate the Sogo from every other hoverboard out there.

Paper Tiger?

So the Sogo has 700W of power, which I assume means two 350W motors. Bigger scooters like the Ninebot Mini have the same power rating and this is a bit more than I’ve seen from cheaper hoverboards. The maximum speed is then a little faster than some of the cheaper products out there at 7.2 miles per hour. Still not very fast, certainly not as fast as other hoverboards in the same price class. The range? Just fifteen miles, if you’re lucky. Which also happens to be well short of other hoverboards you can get for the same money.

At the very least safety shouldn’t be a concern, since only hoverboards with safety certification are allowed on the Amazon storefront now. Sharper Image says that the Sogo uses brand-name Samsung batteries and there’s no reason to doubt that. It’s a safe choice in that regard.

Reports From the Front

There are more than a few complaints posted on the Amazon user section relating to Sogos that are dead on arrival. Many of these people did not buy them directly from Sharper Image though, which may mean that there were other issues at work.

For those who received a functional unit it seems like a pretty competent hoverboard. At 24lbs it’s also six to eight pounds lighter than most of the competition.

Apart from that there are no other outstanding features. No Bluetooth, no app control, nothing. This is just about as vanilla as they come.

Final Countdown

Which, overall, is pretty bad, as this is not a cheap model. It could have been one of the best $300 hoverboards, but it costs about twice as much and I just can’t see why. It’s slow, it has less range, and it has neither bells nor whistles. Why would I buy this if I can get a Swagway for the same price or a board just as good for half the money?

Despite Sharper Image’s brand history and the fact that it spawned the Razor craze at the end of the 90s, there’s no way I could suggest someone should spend half a grand on this scooter.

I’ve tried to see a bright side to it, but it’s not even as if the Sharper Image brand is cool in the way that Apple or BMW is cool. Those companies can slap their logo on a trashcan and make millions. The Sogo has nothing going for it. So-go spend you money somewhere else.

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