Swagtron T1 Review

When Swagtron brought out the original Swagway X1 I was pretty much a fan of the device. The price was pretty reasonable for the time, sitting somewhere in the middle, while the performance and [...]

EPIKGO Hoverboard Review

The EPIKGO is a new entrant to the hoverboard world. Well, at least it wasn’t there the last time I gave these guys a look a year ago. This is a hoverboard that immediately caught my eye. I [...]

Swagtron T3 Review

Swagtron are pioneers of the Hoverboard market. The original Swagway X1 was one of the few products that I would recommend without concern just a year or so ago. Swagtron hoverboards have always [...]

Skque Review

The last time I looked at a Skque hoverboard it was the Skque 8. That was a board that impressed me a lot at the time, although now it seems needlessly expensive. That was not the reasons I [...]

Powerboard Review

I reviewed an earlier version of the Powerboard a year or so prior to this review and at. the time I warned people away from the product because there were simply too many reports of smoking, [...]


The Hoverzon is a hoverboard that has what by now must surely be thought of as “conventional” design. Which basically means that it looks like every other hoverboard that cloned the first [...]

Monster Wheel M3 Review

This particular “monster” is a self-balancing electric scooter with a shell eerily reminiscent of the Sqkue and Spaceboard hoverboards respectively. It seems that there are basically two designs [...]

Swagway X1 Review

The Swagway X1 is really becoming the people’s champion of self-balancing electric scooters. As it stands, many products that retail for less than $500 are, if I may be so bold, junk. In that [...]

Spaceboard Hoverboard Review

Not too long ago I had a look at the Skque eight-inch hoverboard. I loved the look of the thing, which had more in common with a Aventador than the rotund design used by products that clone the [...]

Skque® 8” Hoverboard Review

I’m serious, I have no idea how to pronounce the name of the company. Sick-koo? Suh-skoo? Skuh-eh? Thank goodness for online shopping – I’m not sure this is a conversation I want to have with a [...]

Sharper Image Sogo Review

It must be a little weird for Sharper Image to bring out a hoverboard in the current market, since Razor actually holds the patent to produce them at the moment. It’s weird because Razor was [...]

Razor Hovertrax Review

Razor is a pretty well-known brand, especially if you ask the right generation of kids. They’re best known for the Razor folding kick scooter which started a huge craze back in 1999. The company [...]

Hoverboard Powerboard Review

OK, before I say anything else. Why, oh ,why is the product called “Powerboard” and the company called “Hoverboard”? Hoverboard is a dumb, inaccurate name. That’s a widely held opinion, but the [...]

Phunkee Duck Hoverboard Review

The current hoverboard craze can be traced back to two products – the IO Hawk and the PhunkeeDuck. The Duck, distributed by PhunkeeTree, has been featured in countless celebrity social media [...]

Xiaomi Ninebot Mini Scooter

Here we have one of the few self-balancing boards that aren’t Chic Robotics or PhunkeeDuck clones. This little guy comes from Chinese dream team of Xiaomi and Ninebot. If you recall, Ninebot [...]

Kebe Hot 2-Wheel Scooter Review

When it comes to the Chinese take on marketing, one surefire rule seems to be that the more hyperbolic the description of a product, the more underwhelming it actually is. The Kebe Technology [...]

Leray 6.5 inch Review

The swathes of virtually anonymous self-balancing electric scooters have now been swept aside by the demand for UL certification and other safety regulations, so the race to the bottom isn’t [...]

IO Hawk Review

The IO Hawk is basically the Hoover of hoverboards. This was the the cool new celebrity toy that hit Instagram, Twitter, and the rest of the social media universe. This product is the whole [...]

Hovertech Mini Scooter Review

As you’ve probably realized, so many hands-free self-balancing boards, or “hoverboards”, look basically identical. On the one hand this is because there are only so many ways you can play with [...]

Anhell Hover Boost

Generally my advice is to steer clear of sub-$300 self-balancing boards. These are usually “direct from China” products that have dubious parts, origins, and documentation. The Anhell Hover Boost [...]

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