Phunkee Duck Hoverboard Review

The current hoverboard craze can be traced back to two products – the IO Hawk and the PhunkeeDuck.

The Duck, distributed by PhunkeeTree, has been featured in countless celebrity social media posts as well as television programs like the Jimmy Fallon show. This is one product that has a lot of star power behind it.

PhunkeeTree is a company from New York that started life rebranding and packaging products from the East for local consumption. They were the ones that discovered the product that would eventually become the PhunkeeDuck. The rest is basically history. PhunkeeTree marketed the Duck very cleverly as an exclusive toy for celebrities and rich people. They also priced it accordingly, cementing its reputation as a status symbol.

Get My Good Side

Instagram is filled with pictures of people on PhunkeeDucks, especially the rich and famous. The truth though, is that from a looks perspective the PhunkeeDuck, IO Hawk, and every other rebrand, whether good or bad, are practically identical. Some hoverboards like the Skque look dramatically different, and one of my personal favorites (the Airwheel S6) is derived from the Segway, but for the most part there’s not much differentiation yet.


One thing the $1500 price-tag will buy you is peace of mind that your hoverboard won’t start a fire in your house. Will it buy more safety than the Swagway X1 offers? Probably not, but your PhunkeeDuck has all the UL certification you could want.


Once we look at the spec sheet, the comparisons between the PhunkeeDuck and the rest become sharply different. PhunkeeTree has up-specced their scooter to a significant degree. The duck will hit 12 miles per hour and has a range of “more than 10 miles”. That speed is twice what most Smart S1 clones can manage. The range, however, is not the best I’ve seen, but I suspect PhunkeeTree is being conservative. In any case, 10 miles is adequate for most work or school commutes. If it’s further than that you’re better off taking a car in any case, given that a full charge will take up to three hours.

The frame of the PhunkeeDuck is exceptionally strong. While 220lbs carrying weight is standard and 265lbs is the most common higher option, the Duck is rated for 300lbs. In fact, unofficially it can handle 400lbs, but I think PhunkeeTree would rather avoid taking too many chances. So if you are heavyset or plan to have a backpack that could push you over the limit of lesser machines, the PhunkeeDuck is the only game in town.

That’s Heavy Man

Look, $1500 is a lot of money. If you don’t think it’s a lot of money, stop reading and go buy the PhunkeeDuck. You’ll be plenty happy, I assure you. Between this and the IO Hawk? Get the Duck. It’s cheaper, faster, and stronger.

However, if you have to make a decision between this and something like the Swagway X1 you really have to ask yourself if the brand recognition and extra specifications are worth it. The Swagway is a great item and you can buy about three of them for the price of one Duck. The Swagway X1 is also almost as fast, at 10mph.

I think for most people the Swagway would be the way to go, but if you’re comfortable paying the asking price for the Duck I’d never argue with you.

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