How NOT to Ride Your Hoverboard


All of us make idiots of ourselves every now and then, but these days your embarrassment can be shared with the entire world, thanks to the magic of YouTube.

There’s no shortage of people having a hoverboard-instigated fight with gravity online, but I’ve picked ten that are just the funniest, you guys. Seriously though, these are my favorites.

Didn’t Read The Manual

OK, I have no idea what this lady was thinking. Maybe there was some drinking involved; maybe it was a bet – we don’t know the context. There’s however no way that any sane person could think the human butt is an appropriate control method for a hoverboard.

I like this video just because everyone there knew it was going to end badly and yet they all pretend to be surprised when the whole thing spins around and bangs that poor woman’s head into the furniture. “Are you OK, Mom?” he asks. The answer was probably “I have no son.”

No Pets Allowed

These kids have the right idea. They have a safe, controlled place to learn to ride their new hoverboards. No helmets, sure, but they aren’t going too fast. So it’s probably not that big of a deal. Then these jerk dogs come out of nowhere and just blindside that little girl. This is why I’m more of a cat person, frankly.

Plastic Surgery

If you want that Owen Wilson look the girls are all gaga for these days, there are easier and less painful ways to do it. This poor guy decides to rearrange his face via high speed collision with the floor. At least a helmet would have kept his nose off the ground. Ouch.

Again with the Butt Stuff

I’ll admit this guy starts of doing a much better job than concussion mom in the first video, but inevitably the laws of physics must prevail. I hope he has strong painkillers.

Hip Replacement

It’s never cool to make fun of people who are a bit older. All I’m saying is that I hope her last bone density results were very, very good. That was a hit straight to the hip. Bonus cackling from unconcerned onlookers.

From the Mouths of Babes

“You can’t go up steps” turns out to be the most accurate prediction of 2015.

Swole or Swollen?

Nothing wrong with being in good shape, I bet it even helps you walk it off bro. Probably.

The Little Engine that Could

This video has it all I tell you. A guy too dumb to follow instructions, but too brave to give up. He falls, he gets back up, he falls again. It’s like the first Rocky movie. I’m crying here.

Worst. Present. EVER

Man, oh, man. I don’t know if trying to handstand on a hoverboard is worse than trying to control one with a buttcheek, but one thing’s for certain – this girl ruined Christmas for everybody. Or at least for the poor tree.

Not Waterproof

My all-time favorite video has to be this one of a girl sending her hoverboard to Davey Jones’ locker. I mean, we complain that most hoverboards don’t have very good resistance against water, but this is just ridiculous.

Lessons Learnt

What can we learn from these videos? Always wear a helmet and pads. Don’t be overconfident. Leave tricks to the pros. Don’t ride close to a pool of water. You can guess the rest.

Mostly, if you’re bored, go read a book. Don’t try to dance with death,OK?