Leray 6.5 inch Review

The swathes of virtually anonymous self-balancing electric scooters have now been swept aside by the demand for UL certification and other safety regulations, so the race to the bottom isn’t quite as intense as it was in the beginning of the “hoverboard” craze.

The really cheap products still left over after this cull aren’t bad at all, for the price. The fact is that they are more towards the toy end of the spectrum than a serious alternative to cycling or other wheeled sidewalk transportation.

The $500 mark is currently the sweetspot for quality and reliability, which puts the Leray 6.5” hoverboard in direct competition with the likes of the Swagway X1, which is my personal gold standard between the crazy rich-person toy and something that’s actually good value for money. Let’s see how the Leray stacks up.

A Real Looker

Almost all hoverboards are carbon copies of the original Chic Robotics S1 and the Leray is really no different, but upon closer inspection the plastic shell looks quite a bit nicer than the X1’s. I noted four colors in total: red, black, blue, and white.

The lower half of the shell is a nice matte material, although the white model looks all glossy in the pictures. I think the amount of polish on a surface level makes this a win for the Leray compared to the Swagway. In fact, to my eye the mold seems better in general than that of the Swagway.

Performance Art

The Leray is rather slow, with a top speed of just over six miles per hour. Four miles per hour less than the Swagway. It also has half the range of the Swagway X1, so this is not looking good for the Leray, which tops out at nine miles before needing an outlet. I can only surmise the Leray has smaller batteries and less powerful motors, a guess which is bolstered by the fact that its shipping weight is 10 pounds less than the Swagway.

Be Safe My Friends

The Leray and Swagway have plenty of safety certifications, so I don’t expect serious electrical issues through normal use. Both have warranties as well, but I have no doubt that Swagway has the greater presence in the States. The website and general quality of the English text on the Leray Group site doesn’t do much to instill confidence, to be honest.


The thing is, there’s nothing wrong with the Leray on its own. It looks like a good product, its pricing is OK, and people who have bought it seem very happy with it. The Leray’s problem is the Swagway X1. They have about the same price, the same 220 lbs weight limit, the same general level of customer satisfaction and safety certification.

The Swagway has better U.S. presence, more power, and more range. There’s just no way that I would suggest buying the Leray unless is it was much cheaper than the X1. If I got a Leray as a present I’d be very happy with it, I’m sure. If I had bought it with my own money I would regret it. It’s that simple. The fact that I think it looks better than the Swagway doesn’t even register in the equation, since after a few weeks they’ll both be pretty banged up anyway.

So we have this weird situation where I have to steer you away from a good product because there’s a better one at the same price. If you ever read this, Leray Group, cut your damn price.

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