The Hoverzon is a hoverboard that has what by now must surely be thought of as “conventional” design. Which basically means that it looks like every other hoverboard that cloned the first designs.

If you look at it a little more closely though, you’ll see that there are some unique design embellishments. I like how the aluminum wheels sort of stand out like a stick-on hubcap and the mudguard shape is a little more elegant than I am used to seeing.

The paint looks lovely and the Hoverzon is available in at least six colors that I can count. The red and white models look especially nice to me.

I don’t have any real complaints about this board in the looks department and most importantly, it doesn’t look cheap, which even hoverboards that are in fact expensive don’t always manage to do.

Speed of the Puma

The company makes a noise about the speed of their hoverboard, but a speed of 8 mph literally will not blow anyone’s hair back. It’s still fast enough I think and means that you’ll take only a bit more than an hour to deplete the 11 mile range they claim.

Despite not really having more than average performance, this is actually an upgraded model of the previous Hoverzon model, which did not have this much wattage.

Although the new 250W motor does not feed all of that into speed, it is remarkable that this hoverboard can handle up to 10 times its own weight. Although the unit itself only weighs about 22lbs or 10kg, the rider can be up to 220lbs or 100kg in weight.

Danger Zone

After the great purge of electrically unsafe hoverboards that flooded the internet, we can now expect that what’s left for sale is less likely to burn our houses down or suddenly malfunction and throw us off.

The Hoverzon has proper UL certification and it therefore highly unlikely to set anything on fire. Well, not more than any other well-made lithium-powered device.

Apart from electrical safety concerns, they have also made sure to include little details that just make things better from a safety perspective. The tires are not slick and provide quite a bit of traction. The footpads also give a little more grip than some of the cheaper models from the bad old days did. I would feel pretty confident on this hoverboard just thanks to these features. It also has an LED battery indicator so that you won’t get stranded by accident. Like most hoverboards it also has a zero-degree turning circle. Which makes it safe to move around indoors.

The promo video for the hoverboard shows users traversing wet surfaces after rain as well as mild amounts of sand and other debris. While I don’t expect it to be an all-terrain vehicle, it looks like the daily outdoor problems everyone encounters won’t be an issue.

Solid Gold

Based on user feedback it seems that the Hoverzon S has a really solid build quality to it. It is heavy and rigid with tough rubber wheels. The downside to this is of course that it can be a chore to carry, so be sure to spend more time on it than carrying it. Still it’s a fair tradeoff for extra crash protection and a fireproof shell.

Friendly Fire

The board does have a beginner mode, but apparently knowing which mode it is in can be a little tricky, which may lead to someone getting on in “pro” mode when they meant to take it easy. In general however, riders say that this board is easy to learn and has a pretty forgiving nature.

Minus Craft

The weight of this board is a bit of an issue and you’ll have to get a carrying bag in my opinion. They aren’t expensive though, so it’s not a huge deal. It also sucks that there does not appear to be overcharge protection and the makers appeal to us not to overcharge the unit. That’s a pain and it means that you need to set a timer on your phone or something when you plug it in to remind you to check if it’s full.

Support in the USA seems to be on par and pretty decent. It beats the days of Chinese imports where you were on your own. Especially since at less than $400 this better piece of equipment is significantly superior to more expensive yet shoddy products. Don’t you just love progress?

In the end this is a very solid choice for a beginner and even mid-level hoverboard. At this price I’d rather prioritize safety and quality over performance and the Hoverzon manages to do both.

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