EPIKGO Hoverboard Review

The EPIKGO is a new entrant to the hoverboard world. Well, at least it wasn’t there the last time I gave these guys a look a year ago.

This is a hoverboard that immediately caught my eye. I haven’t seen anything like this before. It look bad to the bone. If there was a Bat-hoverboard in the Batmobile’s trunk this would be it.

The EPIKGO exudes toughness and tech. It’s almost black-ops military in its character. How attractive you’ll find that is going to be a highly personal decision, but I think for the male demographic with a little more cash to burn, this is going to be a popular consideration just based on the way that it looks.

There have however been plenty cool-looking toys that have turned out to be quite bad, so let’s curb our enthusiasm for a second.

Four Hundred What?

This is a pretty powerful system. It has dual motors with power totalling 400W. EPIKGO claims that it will handle 18 degree inclines and run at ten miles per hour for an hour.

The tires are solid rubber with a tread pattern suited for rougher terrain. The tires are rated for grass, mud and sand. All things that give more conventional hoverboards complete pause.

This is a big hoverboard. According to the company it is 30% larger than the average board size. This also means that the footpads are larger than normal as well, which makes the whole business of staying on your hoverboard that much easier.

The downside is of course that a bigger vehicle means you need more space, so some sidewalks or indoor venues may not be very friendly to the Epikgo.

Big Boy Scooter

All that extra size is also a recipe for a much higher weight. This is one of the heaviest hoverboards I’ve seen. It weighs in at a whopping 31 pounds. That’s almost ten pounds heavier than most other “normal” boards. The 8.5” wheels are also a consideration. This is not compact by any means. It could have been worse though, at least the frame is made from aluminum, which should give a good blend of strength and lightness. As a case in point the manual puts the maximum user weight at 265 pounds. That makes this a great choice for more hefty riders.


One of the biggest irritations with hoverboards is how long they can take to charge. Now that we have better quality batteries and much better safety systems, you can now get a similar sort of fast-charging as modern lithium-powered phones have. In the case of the Epikgo you can have a full battery in just two hours. That’s a LOT better than some of the previous generation hoverboard. If you were using them to commute you’d have to plug them in the second you got to work so that it would be ready for the trip home.

Like all the other hoverboards that lived through the battery safety purge, this board has certification making it legal and safe in the eyes of US authorities.

Final Move

The Epikgo has clearly been made to address all the main issues people have had with hoverboards at the start if their popularity. It’s designed to be safe, strong and durable. It has a lot of sophisticated technology in it, it doesn’t have gimmicks and most importantly it is much more practical for outdoor commuting thanks to it’s larger and more rugged nature.

On the flipside those attributes can count against it. While I’d be happy to roll around inside a building with a more conventional hoverboard, this one would make me think twice about rolling over some indoor floors.

The other issue we have to consider is the cost. Making a better product usually means charging more money. That’s true in this case as well. I can’t argue with the fact that the Epikgo looks like a great piece of equipment, but there is such a thing as overkill.

If we look at the substantial price difference between this and other equally safe and well-built hoverboards that are simply not as capable, you have to think hard about your personal use-case for the device.

People who have paid that higher price and use the Epikgo are almost universally in praise of it. What complaints there are (and that’s not many) tend to focus on service failures from Epikgo, but even then these seem mild.

I think if you want something that goes a little above and beyond what the typical hoveraboard does, the Epikgo is a very compelling choice.

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