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I’ve always loved me some Sci-Fi. Whether it was a kid’s cartoon like The Jetsons or Star Trek, there’s nothing cooler than Sci-Fi technology. Now we have so much that I could only dream of as a kid. Computers in our pockets. Robot vacuum cleaners and even delivery drones. What about transport though? Why do I still have to chug around on a bicycle when there are robots flying overhead? Well, things have now changed! Now we have many choices of futuristic electric personal transport machines. In fact, there are so many which should you choose?

I know that the world of personal electric transportation can be like the Wild West right now. The laws are confusing, the safety regulations are all over the place, and if you aren’t careful you can buy what amounts to a big expensive mistake.

That’s why I started the Electric Rider website. I’ve put together some of the best information I could find on all the different ways you can have fun with a battery-powered set of wheels. This is meant to be a complete resource to get you started on your eco-friendly personal transport revolution.

Here you will find reviews for many different classes of personal electric vehicle, as well as interesting and informative articles I made while sweating over a hot stove for you all day. Just kidding.

It’s my hope that visitors to the Electric Rider will catch some of my enthusiasm for these awesome vehicles. Send your friends here! We can all help save the planet, have fun, and look really cool while doing it.

So check out all the great info I’ve put together for my fellow and future Electric Riders. I’m sure you’ll find something to get you going or to get you going better.

PS. Want to get in touch? Try admin (at) theelectricrider.com



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